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More Loans in the Second Quarter

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 The number of new loans increased in the second quarter of 2018 by 4.5 percent compared to the second quarter of 2017. Companies and private borrowers received loans totaling € 27.47 billion. Interest rates rose by 0.44 percent compared to the second quarter of 2017. However, many consumers would have saved tremendously if they had […]

Men have More Debts in Banks – Consolidation Loan

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The National Debt Register of the Economic Information Bureau has published a report showing that as many as 61% of bank debtors are men. Their average arrears amount to 62.1 thous. PLN, while the average arrears of women is 57.7 thous. zł. According to data published by the database, both women and men borrow loans […]

Loans for Investment that Gives Profit and Income

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To borrow for an investment is not as obvious to everyone as it should be. To borrow money to finance a car purchase is for most people a matter of course. It is perceived as a risk-free loan even though we know that the value of a new car drops like a stone as soon […]

Loan Broker – Provides Loans Between Lenders and Borrowers

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A loan broker provides loans between banks and borrowers. They work with all major lenders, making them an ideal partner to find a good loan. A broker of loans plays out lenders against each other in order to shake up the best offer which can otherwise be a time-consuming process. See for an illustration […]